Frama Studio Apartment, Copenhagen.


On June 2nd I had the great pleasure to attend the Design Talk with the Founder of Frama, Niels S. Christophersen and the talk was delivered at the Frama Studio Apartmet on Østerbro, Copenhagen. The space is the residential home of Niels S. Christophersen and it’s only open for public viewing every year during the 3 Days Of Design in Copenhagen. The studio apartment was recently renovated, and it’s bulit upon the creative direction; When Space Defines Context. I found it very exciting and inspiring to hear more about the background for the architecture, design and decoration behind this beautiful place. It was the very first time that I did visit the Frama Studio Apart and I had the feeling of a warm, calm and cozy atmospherein this unique home. I was meeting with raw wallls, carefuly choosen historical design objects and design furnitures from both Frama and other brands. The prototype of the signature Frama kitchen is featured in this beautiful home.


Frama Studio Store is located in old St. Pauls Apotek in the historic and protected neightboorhood of Nyboder, Fredericiagade 57, Copenhagen K.