A Bouquet of Flowers unfolds by Le Klint


I really like Le Klint’s newly launched hand-folded A Bouquet of Flowers unfolds. It’s designed by Sinja Svarrer Damkjær. I love that it’s so beautiful, unique, poetic and elegant. It’s just like a piece of art and it combines precesion within atmospheric lightning. The Bouquet just makes the perfect fit for cozy evenings spend together with family and friends.

The Bouquet is a symbolic memory of the designer’s while watching flower handlers in an Italian market. Sinja became fascinated by how a tulip bundles, where being loosely tied, hanging, the beautiful blossoming flower heads would automatically hang dawnwards, then sway and bend creating a soft curve.

These modern Chandeliers suspend from a braided linen cord that highlights that organic tone of the line. Re-sizes pendant shades in budles of three, five and seven have been increcately pleated into precise pristine pleating, by hand. The pendants suspend from a braided linen cord to enhance the organic tone of the design and emphasize the soft expression of how flower petals unfold in spring time.

The single pendant has all the intricate features of the chandelier, but with a single linen cold that helps you to give a more detailed vision of a single flower, either growing up from the ground or before the long flower slem is placed into a slender vase.

The lamp-shades features a small oak detail on the top of each shade where the wires goes up into a braide. The wires, coated with a natural rustic linen texture has been hand braided by pleating technicans at LE KLINT. The branding feature helps with a re-arrangin the lampshades to get a desired bouquet effect that suite your environment.

The wooden cord adjuster allows you to adjust the braided cold into three simple moves. Simple uncsrew, loop the braid the attach adjuster. It’s that simple! You get a designer detail and light at your desired height.

The entrepreneur Tage Klint established LE KLINT in 1943 but the but the story of the company dates back another 40 years when Tage Klints father, the architect P.V. Jensen-Klint created a hand-pleated lampshades folded to fit a paraffin lamp he had designed himself. The shade was refinded over the years until Tage Klint turned it into a business in 1943, adding a new desicive detail to the lamp shade into a shape into an elestic collar and named the company after his daugther, Le .

Since then several others of the Klint’s family now worldfamous family members, amongst those Kaare Klint, designed lamps for the company using the special pleating technique that to this day still is a unique craft that only a handful LE KLINT employees Master to perfection.

The LE KLINT collection can now be found in more than 40 countries.

Visit the company www.leklint.com for more informations about the company.

PLe Klint, Egestubben 13 – 16, DK – 5270 Odense N.

Casa Modesta, Algarve, Portugal

Last year I had the most amazing time staying at the beautiful Casa Modesta. Set on the edge of the Ria Formosa Nature Park in the Algarve, southern Portugal. Casa Modesta is a rural retreat with sustainable design and architecture. Named by owner Carlos Fernandes after his mother, Modesta Maria, and developed among acres of almond and olive orchards at the site of his ancestral family home.

It’s designed by the owner’s sister Vania from the local architectural firm Par with sustainable design. The floors are lined with red limestone clay tiles, with stylish brass fittings and cedar furnishings in each h of the nine suites. The bathrooms are seporated from the bedrooms by white sliding doors, with brass kickboards that match the fitting. Tubs are submerged into the floors. All have a patio or a roof terrace overlooking the surrounding beautiful blue lagoon. There are also two public rooms, a kitchen and a swimming pool.

I got so warm welcome by the owner Carlos when I arrive and all the staff was so helpsome. I really felt home far away fom home at this cozy place with such a warm atmosphere.

A highlight of the day is the delicious homemade breakfast they served made of organic produce from their own garden or from the local area.

Casa Modesta, Quatrim do Sul, 8700-128 Olhao, Portugal

Santa Clara 1728, Lisbon

Last summer I had the great pleasure to visit and photograph the stunning Santa Clara 1728 in Lisbon. Santa Clara 1728 is located in an enchanting 18th century building, in one of the most romantic Lisbon squares in the old cultural quarter of the city with a beautiful view over the Pantheon and River Tangus.

The hotel has been designed by local architect Manuel Aires Mateus, whose clean, modern interiors are refreshing trimmings to the buidling’s ancient walls ; worn, limestone stairs lead to the guest rooms, where coarse lines, pale woods and furnishings by designer Antonio Citterio come together in natural palette boosted by a graceful duck egg blue. Bathrooms are a mixture of pine wood and white tiles, while the huge freestanding tubs and basins are made of pink-hue limestone. I just fell in love with the bathroom immediately.

I got such a warm welcome by the hearty and helpful staff meeting me in the reception. I felt so comfortable and cozy staying at Santa Clara 1728. Just like being home far away from home which is so important top me while I’m traveling.

Downstairs, unwind under the warm glow from David Groppi’s beautiful ‘Simbiosi’ lights enjoying the delicious home-made breakfast, using the freshest market produce, while planning the best to see and explore in Lisbon.

Santa Clara 1728, Campo de Santa Clara 128, RC, 1100-473 Lisboa, Portugal

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

I’ve been lucky to stay at the beyond beautiful Nobis Hotel Copenhagen several times. Everytime I’ve been staying in a new gorgeous room since none of the rooms are identical which makes it even more exciting to visit the hotel. I’m always feeling cozy and comfortable at this hotel with such hearty and helpful staff meeting in the reception. I love how the hotel has been choosing so much beautiful design furnitures  which brings so much characters to the place.

The grand 75-room Nobis Hotel Copenhagen is housed in an historic 5,400-square-meter landmark building that originally served the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music. Bringing the Nobis magic to the mindst of the Danish capital, the hotel is architect Gert Wingårdh’s “updated take on Le Corbusier. Danish classicism, which this building is a fine example of, is something special-more sophisticated, more stripped down than in Sweden”, he says. The historic landmark building on Niels Brocks Gade has been transformed into a cutting-edge contemporary luxury hotel-one where, like its Stockholm predecessor, food plays a central role. The restaurant which takes liberty with design styles from the 20th-century, borrows from the best of Nordic culinary traditions and served up modern seasonal cuisine. At Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, modernism meets classism and it’s all lusciously augmented by such embracing amenities as a gym, a sauna with cooling pool and ham, a bar, and a lounge area that, taken together, serve as an attractive new locus for Copenhagen’s downtown scene.

Nobis Hotel Copenhagen, Niels Brocks Gade 1b, Copenhagen

Vipp Loft, Copenhagen

February 23th-25th I was invited to visit and photograph the Vipp Loft in Copenhagen. Vipp Loft is located in the same building as the company’s Copenhagen headquarter; an old printing factory in the industrial area of Islands Brygge.

The Danish design company Vipp employed Studio David Thulstrup to create “a multi -functional and holistic home environment” beneath the original oak rafters of the factory’s loft area on 400m2.

The space is large enough to accommodate a mozzanine containing a study and library which are connected by a bridge to a dark, secluded bedroom. The open-plan living area i arranged around a freestand Vipp kitchen. Vintage furniture and diverse artworks create the feel of a “mini museum of contemporary art and design”.

Vipp was founded more than 75 years ago by Holger Nielsen, who developed the first bin for his wife’s hair salon. The pedal bin is now in MoMA’s permanent collection and the company is run by Holger’s daughter Jette Egelund, along with her two children Kasper and Sofie. It has 15 employes.

I had a very lovely time spending the weekend in this stunning Vipp Loft. It’s obvious that every little detail, materials and all the design interiors have been carefully chosen for this space with such a cool yet cozy atmosphere.

Vipp A/S Headquarters, Snorresgade 22, 2300 Copenhagen